My Cowboy

​When I think about you I grow sad and pregnant with tears 

When I think about you I think about the last time I saw you 

Its already going to be a little more than a year , this time

When I think about you I think about how both ends rarely receive calls from each other 

So I think I’m glad for holidays even though I’ve  hated Christmas for the longest 

When I think about you and the sadness does cease 

I think about  all the times you were there for me 

When you saved me when I was in distress 

Got my call and then you were off and

you didn’t stop ’til we were back home

All set to let my broken heart rest 

If you knew where it was and how far i was staying 

Then you’d know to that your dad would ride thru acres for you

Go the distance no matter how far all to mend a daughters broken heart 

Sometimes  I wonder if I’m breaking your heart living so far 

And with everyday  I don’t call 

I think about you but I never do and I wonder if you are thinkin  about me too 

And does it hurt so much that it brings tears to your eyes 

To have these accidents care for you and love you and want you

That never try to need you because we don’t wanna take your time  so you can be worry free  & and live your life 

You work hard and mama too so we must’ve got that from yous 

We play hard to remember and sometimes to forget 

Forget where we come from so we will no longer stand in sorrow for feeling such neglect but dont fret nobody is blame 

We are all humans and all we can do now is make necessary changes so that this distance between us won’t stay 

So if I reach out my hand  will you reach out yours too

 If even just for a few minutes

 Or seconds you have to spare 

Because I’m tired of our connection not taking air 


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