Another Day Part II 

​Well, damn. Guess I need to go get Wax Paper before I get started. Great. Now this means I should probably pretend I care to put “my face” on. Brown eyebrow shadow, brown eyeliner, forgot the primer went straight for eyeshadows, pink lip “crayon” for lips and cheeks just to rub it in for the glitter sparkle that remains. You turn that Wrangler shirt into a country mid-drift halter. It of course went well with my beige/tan leggings. If it weren’t for the weather you’da worn your flats (beige with a goldish cord bow in the front) but instead had to wear your white, grey paint on the left shoe work sneakers. Topped off with Ryan’s cap. Lookin’ good if I do say so myself. I kick it with Mj before heading off in Amy’s Durango but a block away notice how close it is to E you turn back and take off in the work truck. Still close to E but not as bad, Thank God. You were afraid you would know the way back to the other house. Ryan’s there. Of course you knew followed your intuition and did just fine. Seeing the police along the way was the only thing that you didn’t like because it’s the last thing you right now. Everything is going well so far. On the way to Edison Drive you decide to take a right behind the Dollar General on to Gainer Drive where your friend used to live. The physical address had slipped your mind but when you stopped for a second in front of a house you just knew it was the right one. You went back in time when the both of you sang We The Kings-Check Yes Juliet over and over watching the music video. You stopped shortly as you reminisced and carried on.

We The Kings-Check Yes Juliet
Thinking maybe you should reconnect with her especially before you leave on your wild adventure with your man. You miss you turn but it all okay you take the next right and then the next til tada! Your are back on track. You wait for Ryan to be done painting a room so the both of you can leave together to Wal-mart to get whatever it is he and Jerry need. Oh! And the wax paper. Ryan is sweet and not only makes sure you get what you came there for and also something for yourself. You feel content with what you have and can’t think of anything else you need. Soon after being in the the shoe department you see the big, yellow, clearance sign over the matching bikinis. While Ryan is looking at the shoes it wouldn’t hurt to look, right? Practically instantly you see what you want check the tags, fair enough. Grab both of the ones you want because they are only $3 a piece! They are perfect to replace your navy blue boy short bikini bottoms which are too big now and the orange flowery string bikini bottoms that broke at schlitterbahn. Ryan said he wanted to buy you both sets and you were thrilled  but picked out $1 pair of light orange flowers as Ryan looked at watches and that’s all you wanted for now. We got home to a surprise to see Kate and Roy (Amy’s 19 year old daughter and 9month old grandson) on the porch with Mae, Amy and Jerry. Seeing all of them up there made you grateful for the roof Jerry, Ryan and the boys made yesterday despite the rain! They were soaked, well Ryan was for sure. Roy has big eyes and big cheeks just like when your brother was a baby. The last time you saw Kate and Roy , Roy was only 3 weeks old and Ryan was giving Kate a tattoo for Roy. Mae soon left with her sister and the baby after eating a sandwich. The four of us remained and talked a little. I asked Amy about how her  appointment went.  You and Ryan headed to the bedroom to end the day shortly after. Ending with the night with relaxation, with your love, watching a movie you have not seen before. Laying so close to each other. There’s no where in the world better than where you are in this moment.

Selena-I could fall in love


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