Get To You

​I see you trying to escape from reality or is it something in your head, what happened to you? Was it something that you read? That made you feel like you have to run instead, Say we are family but say you have no friends, I see you’ve had enough but maybe won’t stop til you’re God forbid dead. Do you hear me or even see me trying to get by and help you out with these tears you are crying, I know it’s more than what going on today, so you had a fight but that’s not the main core reason why you are not okay. I ask questions and get answers that hurt to hear, you ask questions I have no answer to, not any that will bring you to good cheer. I see you in the dark, see you tearing yourself apart wallowing in a cloud of dust, staying where you don’t belong, hiding from a truth that confines you. I reach out for you with my voice but I have no choice but to talk louder and til the point where I can no longer speak. I lose myself trying to find you. I reach out my hand but no matter how close I am never do you or will you take my hand, it’s like you don’t give a damn. You are blinded to the love you can receive, you choose to keep all your senses in what seems to be in a whole other dimension, if I talk to you and tell you what’s great in the world, what love you have to appreciate, you stay closed off and don’t pay attention. There is a deeper truth you keep to yourself that’s why you turn away, so you don’t ever have the truth to mention,  you refuse to talk to anybody so the demon you have doesn’t have to ever leave, it can stay, you and selfpity or who ever it is you hang about, Nobody wants to hear the fun is over when it’s time to stop but you’re walking in misery and then in anger pushing us all away, putting yourself in danger  it’s not okay, you say you know you have a problem and that does no good, I wish you wouldn’t make excuses, and do the things that you should. If I could I keep us in a room with no escape, til I pressed every button that it does take, to break you down to confess why it really is you choose this life, where we can scream and cry and explain why, why is it you choose to live a lie, a life of sorrow  when you have sunshine, a life of anger when happiness surrounds, you don’t see all that I do. But how could you? I care for you, I see what it is that you do, not just to yourself but to us all that surround you, to us all that love you, to us all who try to get you back on our side, I care for you,  and yet it doesn’t matter but that doesn’t mean i am done trying.  It means nothing now if I have known you weeks or months, it doesn’t matter what I do, I may never get to the real you


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Angie says:

    I love this poem ! I think it might be my favorite… Not sure yet ,but it certainly makes me look forward to reading ,more . Can wait to see what else you have in store.


    1. Thank you Angie! I am glad to hear you will joyfully wait to see my life unravel. 😉


  2. vigayluna says:

    Love your writtings ms. Everything!!There goes another one!!you are as real as they come and with heart!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you enjoy my writing. Have a great day!


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