Time Does Fly!

​Well, would you take a look at this!

 It’s now Monday the 29th it’s been 10days of silence and it seems so much has happened in such a short amount of time. So I will wrap this up for yuh pretty box and big shiny red bow for you. There was a mishap I will spare the details because it is one of those not even worth repeating. Your mom ever tell you that?  My mom did.  We’d ask what somebody said  for whatever she is talking about because you were being a noisy ass kids  smh and she would say “No, nothing, it’s not worth repeating” anyways because of the mishap  I can honestly say my love and I are better off living in Pflugerville with, yup you guessed it my fabulous mama now. 


Even Ryan has said after only a day of being here that I am more carefree. I am happy here. My brother gave us his room. It is a full house over here, he will be the one now sharing the living room with Tío Gee’s (mom’s older brother) girlfriend’s son. We now have one more person who will be staying here. Tío Aman (mom’s younger brother)  is back from Kingsville where he yet again has return from his on and off relationship (obviously not a good one).  Luckily for him my Tía was able to scoop him up on the way back from our cousin’s wedding. I had no idea about if not I would have invited myself to go. On the 19th I spent time with my grampa (mom’s dad) we haven’t seen him in almost a decade mom declared  after she had returned from her spontaneous adventure to go pick him up from Lojoya with only a gas card to make the way there and back. Yes I know not a care just left with her faith and intuition.

I wish i was there to hear my grampa sing a Vincente Fernandez song but sadly I was not even though he is so soft spoken he sings for all to hear with all his heart and soul. We had fun taking pictures and eating bar-b-que my mom had made. My love had arrived later after work but we had to leave not long after his arrival to go to his sister party. We had a blast at Urban Air though we did arrive late because we had to take my gramma back to Tía’s where she lives. Jumping and doing flips was so much fun  on the trampolines and the ride to drop off the kiddos was a blast. We were jamming and being silly in the car and dancing. I wanted to give his sister a gift I thought she would enjoy because we have been talking about making earring together for the longest time. One day we will I am sure. Ryan said she would probably just like the money. THAT IS SO IN PERSONABLE. Don’t you think so? WE ARE FAMILY NOT A BUSINESS COMPANY. WE RUN IT WITH LOVE NOT MONEY. Yes and yes well next time I guess. Okay so in short, the reason why we left Hutto is because I was honest but I couldn’t stay quiet no more it had been going on for sometime before we were in the picture and now it was beginning to effect me. More so emotionally I am guessing. I did leave in tears after all. You can’t help those you do not wish to be helped. Now Annie lives in South Austin but I will try to stay in touch. She is a good friend. I wanted to tell her what was confirmed today and this means I am going to have to take even better care of myself. I found out the 26th. I told my dad and gramma Gloria. Thank God. We celebrated and watch another movie. Saturday we finally got to watch Now You See Me 2 (I love it) and today we saw Central Intelligence they were BOTH great movies. We just got home and it’s time to pass out. My love and I are going to go to the Pflugerville Resource Center tomorrow to look at the classes they offer.  


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  1. AAngie says:

    Loved it !!!! Especially the pixs. Nice touch .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Angie I am glad you liked them. I am going put up more pictures in the posts to come! 🙂


  2. Tareau Barron says:

    Looks like great times

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very much so! Wish he had my grampa stayed longer!

      Liked by 1 person

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