Vengaboys- We like to party
EVERYDAY IS A CELEBRATION & today is no different. We celebrated our ability to use our   limbs to get the room cleaned up and organized. We both did our part and now it is good as new. In Pa’s (Ryan’s grandpa) trailer behind his three bedroom house, where he had let us stay when we had no where to go last year, is where more of our stuff is. We will be getting more of our stuff out a little at a time. While you stay home, Ryan will cash his check and buy cereal that he has been talking about all morning. He came.back with more than than just FOUR different kinds of cereal. TWO for me, TWO for himself. I try to eat cereals that are more healthy for me. I am so lucky to have have him love me so much, he is so sweet he actually stopped by HALF Priced Books and bought a book for each of us expecting parents! He bought me a very common book purchased it is after all the #1 best selling pregnancy book. Can you take a wild guess? Yup, correct you are! What to Expect when you’re expecting, completely new and revised By Heidi Markoff and Sharon Mazel.

 He even asked for advise from an older women who just happened to be there with her FIVE kiddos with her which Ryan had told me were all over the place. Haha It is a good thing she was there it’s a good choice she said because it’s older been around for a much longer time. Ryan’s book has a more humorous title: The Caveman’s Pregnancy Companion A Survival Guide for Expectant Father’s By David Port and John Ralston. 

I will finally start work at DQ tomorrow at 8:30a.m. I don’t think I will be telling them right away about my blessing. I hope i get off early so Ryan and I can stop by the Pflugerville Resource Center to see about what learning classes are available and when we can schedule to take one. We were supposed to see about it today but things happen and took a little longer than expected but that’s okay. There’s still time and I am still expecting! 

Today I did laundry no big deal I can drag that sucker through the carpet but it was even that heavy of a load after separating the clothes they way I usually do now. Before Ryan I could care less throw them all in together! Woo! One and done haha well kinda. I had time of to watch a movie I have not seen in a long time. A 1997 film called B*A*P*S (Black American Princesses) isn’t that sweet? I thought it was Beautiful African Princesses! I like that better. In this movie stars Halle Berry and Natalie Desselle and they are best of friends who decide to go to L.A and….. Well you should just watch the movie haha I like it if that means anythings. It’s a heart warming comedy. But don’t take my word for it! Go see for yourself!
 Now Ryan and I are watching The Ugly Truth a Romantic comedy. Katherine Heigl is in it  by the way and Gerard Butler. Oh! I apologize for not showing off my baking skills yet WITHOUT AN OVEN but I just haven’t made time for it. I will soon so do not worry. 
P.s keep your baby comments here

Thank you 


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