Imperfect Apologies 

Outkast- HEY YA 

​I really apologize for the quick and not detailed pages but I am just feeling anxious to share with you! It’s the editing part that get me because I can write until there’s no tomorrow, letting thoughts escape with my pen onto my paper. Last night I was thinking, hey hey hey video diaries would be something new and exciting and get me out of my comfort zone. Being recorded on camera is the last thing I want, I don’t know if it’s because I feel just put on the spotlight. “Like yo be entertaining” it doesn’t work for me. If you knew you might agree that I am in fact entertaining but anyways I believe I might reach people better that way to so it is definitely worth a try don’t you think? If you have me on Facebook then you might have heard today was my first day at DQ, one of my dad’s favorite places  and since I was little  has become one of mine. Miss Everything is now Miss Yvie Queen hahaha totally kidding. I was remembering just now how after i graduated in 2011 and shortly after I worked for Love’s Travel Stop in Kingsville, Tx (birthplace/”home”town). One of the customers (on the trucks side) told me I looked Puerto Rican and since my name is Yvie asked if I heard of Ivy Queen who happens to be a Puerto Rican-born  American singer. Haha what a laugh.  Anyways would you like to hear about my day? No I didn’t think so.  Who wants to hear about somebody else work day after having working themselves?! Ha. Well I will make this short if I can will myself to. So I get there at 8:30 meet Alex who is the shift leader who’s from Dallas and got there a couple minutes after I did good thing too I might ohave just left I can’t stand it when I am ready to get things going and it feels like everybody just wants to twiddle their thumbs. 

Anyways I was not impressed with the night shift it was so not clean amd the trash was there from last night. Nothing was stocked. Pretty much all that should have been done was not. I helped Alex set up a bit trying not life up heavy items. Alfredo got there later and didn’t want me really doing anything but I did have to go back home and get my I.D and social after being set up in the system I watched dumb videos til about 1:30 which is when I left. The Gm Alfredo was telling me I was going to stay til 5 but I told him I was under the impression i leaving at 2 and had plans to go to the Pflugerville Resource Center he doesn’t know what that place is for me if he did then he would of guessed I was expecting. For putting is crew on a pedestal they weren’t all that friendly and I already didnot like Sam because I had “the pleasure” *rolls eyes* of meeting him when I went through the drive thru just the other day. As I customer I was not pleased either but I will not complain here so you do not have to see that ugly side of me. You are welcome. I was once again told about Eevee(the pokemon) because I mentioned to Sam about calling me that instead of Yvamari which i guess HAD to be on my name tag. Whatever. Clock in and out is used by a left thumb scan which seemed pretty cool I guess.

 Well I got what I wanted which is no surprise and Ryan and I left to set out on a new adventure. We stopped by a Shell to gas, and snacks and find a way to secure the handle which had broke off. There was a new lady at the desk who was of course delighted to meet Ryan. She was happy for me that he would be attending these classes with me. She said he was one of kind and a very rare find. Oh yes I am very blessed with his love. Theres was a video on shaken babh syndrome. It was sad and informative. I will be sureto share the importance of not shaking a baby ever no matter your levels of frustration. Some babies are survivors but will have brain or spinal damage or even blindness if it does not result to death. Afterwards Ryan dropped me off back at home and he went to the library. I pressured my mom to go ona walk with me. I was happy and we just yapping away which is easy to do when with each other until my love had come home. He soon left again to get me some healthy snacks. He came home with a dvd player a movie we had once bought before but had no movie in it. It still had the plastic all over like normal but no movie. So if you go to wal-mart and buy a movie for $7 or less you might wanna check it out before you leave we lost the receipt so that was our bad. Out of the celery sticks and baby carrots he had bought me.I go for the cotton candy bubbleyum and share with my mama. Tomorrow I’ll tell Alfredo I Cannot work nights. I am already having trouble sleeping and donot need to add to that. I may tell him why but I am just not sure. We will see how it goes. Until then it is time to unwind with the love of my life.


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  1. Tareau Barron says:

    Great story. My favorite part was the eye rolling hahahahahhaahha.


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