The roar of the Lion

Chris Tomlin-How great is our God

Wow! It’s September 1st! Only 21 more days til fall but who’s counting? RIGHT, FALL LOVERS? Psh not me! *wink and 27! More days til my FAVORITE little brother’s and my BEST cousin ever ZEKYA’S birthday! Yay!  11 more days til I can go back and get another ultra sound. With the tiredness and stress I woke up with about telling my Gm about the schedule I need. We concluded I would not be going in because my love did not want me  to work under my conditions. This way I could continue to care for the baby without all the bs that comes with working in a fast food place. We know I was going to be running that place in no time because I would be picking up the slack yet again and that would make me angry at some point and we want to avoid that all cost. For the baby first off and for the teen spirits. I would have gone back to sleep but my tummy was all make some eggs and so I did and took some of that oatmeal my Tío G’s chick made haha and made it super tasty with cinnamon  and sugar no butter because I was to hungry to care ahaha . I think babe’s orange juice hit the spot but only for so long before I knew it hunger was back and wanting more! What could I eat now?! How is this possible? My dad used to tell me he couldn’t take me to buffets before because I ate like a bird! and now I feel like whoa! Yeah I am eating for two makes sense. Well what can I say I have not felt pregnant except for my sore boobies and cramps that come, stay, stay, go and come back. I am not sure how to tell Ryan’s family about us. I want immediate family only especially mine because I am more comfortable with that, wish it could stay like that for a while but on the day we celebrated there was facebook things happening while Ryan and I were watching a movie. I hid it right away and had no clue who knew but they were going to at least be doubtful now. Oh my gosh! Whew! Ahahaha are you serious?! This was my happy secret surprise to unfold! YES, if I had told somebody and that somebody saw the song lyrics I posted then yeah connect the dots and it fit “I got something to tell you..the vengabus is coming” lol clever right ? Well yeah VERRRY clever *sigh  well I just do not want people to wish bad on my blessing, no ojo, no voodoo, no negative thoughts or bad energy sent our way! WHAT! I CAN’T HELP BUT TO BE SKEPTICAL! My little blueberry is  my first and I intend for that to remain a fact. I donot need to be stressed or worried so I send it to the big man in the sky and keep it to ourselves for a little while. 


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  1. vigayluna says:

    Little blue berry..awww!!💓

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Daina says:

    I couldn’t be happier…Gigi is waiting patiently to see y’alls little bluberry.
    Love you both.


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