Reasons and Changes

Christina Aguilera – Fighter  

​Happy Friday! I have been here at home since my love and I have returned from our little class from the Pflugerville PREGNANCY Resouce Center and he has left for work. I have battling hunger all the while watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Singing every song and crying when singing “cheer up charlie ..right on top is right where you belong…just be glad you’re you..” you know what scene I am talking about? Oooof course you better ahaha well I beat the hunger during Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and did the “homework” given from the center. Doing the bare minimum is such a drag. Yes poor me who likes to work out with every given chance I have has to cool it and especially in the first trimester for safety precautions. All their worry makes me worry  so I have only been doing calf exercises SO FAR.

 I have been thinking about bullying since seeing  (on facebook of course smh) a young boy  in Alice,Tx was being bullied by a teacher! I have heard of the favoritism the teachers have but bullying well that puzzled me and made me wonder why? And if the source for most kids bullying other kids is from the bullying they had received at home then the teacher must still live with their parents?! No, i know that’s not it. All I can think about is how I am going to to treat and not treat my child. And teach him  or her how to defend themselves in the best ways they know how. By using the gifts that God has given us. To speak up loud and clear to defend themselves. This is a big issue one I can’t change alone as other things. All we can do is spread the knowledge we know to all kids and come to the core reasons of bullying. How can we help the child  deal with his home life? This made me think, I will a mom involved. Kids need guidance. And saying my door is always open, my arms and ears are all yours and my time is yours just find me and I will be there. It’s not enough. Why can’t we make the time and be persistent? NOBODY HAS TIME. So who does? These kids don’t have to be like some of us who look back and remember doing nothing like we had done when they can look back and be proud for taking a stand instead.  *sigh* I guess I just wish I could do something and hope others want to too. Not just read and share a story they saw on facebook but actually do something about it. I want to fight for something stand by our fellow mankind and there are lots of things I Can get involved in to make  a change I just wish I knew how, where to start?  Too many questions and no answers. Well, I will find them the people who can help and the answers. And not just for bullying. 


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  1. Tareau Barron says:

    Ok truth time. Just looking at me you would think while working out, the average black man would listen to DMX, or NWA, or 2pac. Nope I start my workouts by listening to fighter by Christina Aguilera and if u tell anyone, we aren’t friends anymore hahahahahahaah

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    1. Lol tell anyone what haha

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