Send it to the heavens

Lana del rey-summertime sadness

Yesterday was relaxing for the most part. How all my days “should” be. Playing Until Dawn on the Ps4 with my mama. Not once looking up what I could do about bullying because then I would want to out and save the world and wouldn’t be able to which would cause anxiety most likely so I steer clear of super hero mode. Around 4pm I got a call and it was Ryan. Though I got lost if this happened in good fun or working but either way it did not matter he was in the hospital in Taylor, Tx the closest to where his atv commander accident happened.  Thank God he was still alive! Ida asked what were you thinking? Or ask God why on Earth did this happen? But we are here on Earth still alive and still have each other. He has broken his shoulder and I am GUESSING will not need surgery. I will see him again tomorrow. I want to buy a sleeping bag so I can be with him. If only I could find away. I hope I do.

Day after next: Today my mama has met Ryan’s dad and one of his brothers and his brother’s son. About time if you ask me. Ryan and I have been together for a close to two years now and has not met any of his family. I wonder if this is normal. Guess it doesn’t matter. Mama and stayed til we could stay no longer to go to Round Rock  to pick up my brother from work in his car he so graciously let mama borrow. So we left Temple, Tx where they had transfered Ryan because if need be they were the people to do the surgery.  We three then had to drive to Copeland  from Round Rock to pick up Ryan’s belongings and the work truck  Ryan’s cousin (the one he works with) is letting us use in the mean time since he has been so busy and hasn’t been able to fix my truck. So this is great thank God for this. Thank you Jerry.  I got to see Kate and Roy and I held Roy while the boys were cleaning out the truck I drove back home in with my brother. We followed mama, made only one wrong turn but despite the hard hitting rain in Hutto we made it home safe. My brother and I tried to sing every song on the radio like always and had a blast. There’s never a dull moment with him once you get to know him. I know that God has a plan and that everything happens for a reason so despite this tragedy I am still grateful. I know something great is in store for the three of us. I pray for my love and give my worry and stress to God  before I lay me down to sleep.  


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