Change of Heart with a Change in Mind

Ha! Oh. Well…*long sigh*  Well where do I even start? When it comes to change I can say I know that it’s constant and it is in fact one of two things. Good or bad. You can let the situation control you or take control of the situation. Sometimes the change is NOT what’s going on around you but is actually a change in your thought process the way you perceive the world or even yourself. Positive or Negative. Negative thoughts produce negative emotions whether  you let it ride is up to you,you decide to continue to feel just FINE (freaked out, insecure, neurotic,emotional)  and doesn’t that sound great! *sacastic + supercilious tone* ah. Yeah. Sorry about the tone but it really doesn’t sound good at all so why continue to spiral down when you can have…Positive thoughts that of course would produce positive emotions and when you let it ride you are more acceptable to having a smooth and happy ride as long as YOU will it. 🙂 

Okay read this whether or not you believe in God but  word to the wise you can paraphrase so it suits your uhm beliefs? 

And  read this prayer.  it’s imporant  and will come in handy, okay? 🙂

Okay  now write these down somewhere where you will see it. The wisdom will help you. I know because it has been helping me and my family. 


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  1. My Theory says:

    You are amazing writer but I can’t find your latest posts. Please tell me the date of your last post.


    1. Wow, thank you I really appreciate that. Unfortunately I have not written anything since..(checks last date) oh wow September 22. I am sorry. I will post up something new a.s.a.p hopefully today. I have been meaning to. This is great encouragement to continue. Thank you again. Hope you have a great day.

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  2. My Theory says:

    I am following you as I like reading your blog which is quite brilliant.

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    1. Great that makes me happy . I will try to post something tonight. I Hope you will enjoy it. I might be a little rusty so bare with me okay .


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