Super bad, bad day + happy ending

Is it Fall? Ha! Well couldn’t tell with the bastard sun shiny bright on my left leg as drive to the highway to get to OUR first baby appointment anticipating endless papers to fill out and a long stay. If not only because what I have been reading about online and in my book…probably the first appointment will be the longest. Yay! *rolls eyes +fake smile*  Can’t wait well I was half right. Whatever. I asked before the ultra sound bout everything else and she said it would be in segments like… One at time? Omg okaaay then carry on she couldn’t seem to find my baby she didn’t seem to want to even be there she said she have to insert that stick thing so we could see the tiny being inside me. We heard the heartbeat for the first time! Yow! So happy. But then she said I was 6 weeks not 8 weeks. Wtf. Then that means at BlueBonnet I was only 3 and 5 weeks  instead of 5 and 7weeks when I went and THEY did not have to put that stick thing in me to see the tiny blueberry size joy . So ye I’m furious not about the fact that now the baby would be born May 15th instead because either way I am happy with which stars by baby will be born under. Aries or Taurus. My man is Aries and one of my cousins on my mom’s side is a Taurus and I love them both so either way, either way it’s fine.

What makes me upset is I am trying to learn and be there for the baby as the tiny or little one is growing. (My mom calls my brother and I tiny and little, he was a tiiiny baby and I was a bit bigger, yep I was little 😉 Lordy Lord, now I do not know what to think or where to go now I want to have many ultra sounds to confirm what is what I had known. I read that the heartrate would be from 110-120 at 6weeks and she said it was 149 and ugg Ryan knows the numbers what that “smart”lady said the numbers were but mine was good. I am just confused and flustered(yes that’s one in the same;)  

Oh and the ultra sound pics flew out the window on the way home how glorious! And now all I can do sing a Sam Smith Song because it’ll calm my ass down. Maybe eat some gluten-free cookies. I don’t know but if i make a mess and just crumble the cookies then Sam Smith is the way to go because I don’t wanna kill a cookie with my bare hands ! I wanna drown it in milk before I eat it! Haha okay well I hope you read this I guess it was a rant but this poop ( I am trying not to cuss so my baby won’t) really happened today and it’s nice to know you all are there 🙂 so thanks you are awesome! More happy posts coming soon. Pinky promise. 

Whoa! That was so close thought I lost this! Shucky darn. Lol  and wrote the down below. smith- lay me down

This is what you get when I try to do more than one thing at a time.Yay! For me and for you! I will now not being telling you about the day I had as I had not long ago finished writing about I will simply sing Sam Smith songs do deal with it and not go near the gluten-free cookies for fear I will simply make them crumbs in my bare hands instead of drowning them in milk before simply enjoying them imstead devouring them into my voca grande(big mouth) and be sad about it after. So *deep breath* today wasn’t a good day in short I am flustered. Have no clue now if I am 6 or 8 weeks along as I have been knowing I was. And now? Well wth do I know? Have a been ahead of my baby’s growth or right on point? Will my baby be born May 1 or May 15  

Yep. Actually either way baby Taurus on the way! So F bomb you lady who can’t do her job right and likes to make first time mommies feel rushed and unimportant and flustered.Thanks alot. I will go get the pictures smh but will not be returning there for my next appointment. 


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