A different Birthday song

​It’s my birthday so we going to party like it’s my birthday Ima muthafuckin libra so you know it my birthday!  (sing with 50 cent-In da club melody ) haha yup My birthday month was absolutely great! I mean how could it now be when I got a new best friend! Woo! Ye the freakin’ toilet! Lmao Was always there for me when I was in need. Needless to say the bathroom was my least favorite room in the house and I was feeling very nausea I met most meals twice. Ginger-Ale was so two faced saying she’d make me feel better and would just make things just speed up the process. Tea on the other hand gave me no problems. It was become rare to hold down meals and at this point I was happy in the decision to not work at Dq. I wouldn’t have been able to actually work which I most of the time like. Ryan and I did the best we  could to take care of each other. He was still healing and I well you got the picture. With his shoulder broken it made job opportunities seem scarce everything he was capable of doing could no longer be done. We had to wait til the healing process had ceased and pray it would be fully healed. Everyday my man would post ads on craigslist and where ever else he could to sell our cars everyday. Now all we have left is the 2002 Chevy S-10, 4 Cylinder. Soon I believe we will or just fix up what we haven’t been able to do because of our mula situation. That green truck is so awesome I loved driving it. It made me happy. It was gift from my mommy. One I am still grateful for tho we have not been driving it but it is mine and I am proud to have a mom that would give something to me I can cherish. A big part of me doesn’t want to sell it because it was a gift so if we can save it I would gratefully happy. We struggled to sell various items at pawn shops. I do not know how we managed to get around and not run completely out of gas. Thankfully the Pflugerville pregnancy resource center was close by so we could take classes and earn baby bucks for the baby boutique. We bought the baby’s first book there and saw the little one (so we had thought was)  at 10 weeks there. Living with my mom at the trailer was fine and dandy ’til my Tía needed rent money from us which we could not provide. The trailer was hers. My mom and etc etc lived there too. My mom was trying to help us out til we could get on our feet but time was up. Without being able to pay rent Tía wanted my gramma to move back in which none of us had a problem with. Ryan and I were grateful for the roof over our heads. We already had moved our stuff to the living room when a week had gone by and gramma still was there. Needless to say God provided another place for us to lay our heads. From one mom to another. I was starting to wonder how many more homes we would  journey thru. As long as we were together that was all that mattered.Oh for my birthday! Yes, Guess how young I am! It was great I got to see my cousins and went to the movies with my love. My mom got me roses a lil bear and yummy twinkies I stashed haha And my brother actually bought me a cake towards the end of the night surprised me even because he was working on his sound system all day. For Halloween we were partially  moved in, alot of my winter clothes stayed at another family members empty trailer that needed to be repaired a bit. We decided to be Indians for Halloween. I am glad Ryan dressed up but no surprise only I had Trick-or-treated with his lil brother and lil cousins. I was sorta embarrassed but I had fun and had candy to last me hmm for a good while I suppose. Alrighty, live in faith. Xoxo


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