I never left 

​As I sit here on the bed in Ryan’s brother’s room. WAIT! Did you notice?  We are in a different  room, living with different people in a different environment. What can I say? We just LOVE traveling haha ;P Thank God for the opportunity we have to be sheltered by our loved ones. Thank God for the caring hearts to open the homes to us and providing what we need with what they can to offer. I am so grateful. So as I gratefully sit in here with only the Sex and the City movie as company since everybody is out.

See i have four beautiful friends! Ha jk With my hard working boyfriend  driving to where he needs to go to rid of all of the boards that are of no use  after being destroyed by water on the deck he is working on and his mom, youngest brother off too have a celebratory breakfast for his third youngest brother’s 15th BIRTHDAY. YAY! I am taking a break trying to figure out exactly what I should do to stop my unfortunate uhm problem to prevent it  from reoccurring and all that jazz. I am convinced after all the tests and medicine  it is NOT my unborn child causing all of this agony. It didn’t just start after being pregnant. So THIS is more of the RECENT reason for not saying hello since September 22nd! I have been wanting to tell you a bit about how my October and November went and what do you know? Ahahaha​! It’s already freaking December! In all fairness I HAVE been sick or extremely uncomfortable it is part of being pregnant I suppose. I don’t like typing on my phone first I have got to have the first draft in pen on paper it makes all of this so much easier! I couldn’t find my notebook for the longest time not until recently but luckily I found a notebook so have been able to enjoy the sway of my pen thanks to Ollie! Who I really want to thank is MyTheory for leaving me a comment because that was exactly what I needed to get back to what I love doing! Thank you MyTheory for giving me a reason to borrow Ollie’s notebook permanently haha . He is out shooting paintballs at one of his friends by now I am sure a boy his age won’t mind anyways. Since it’s too late to give him a notebook now I think I have a christmas present in mind haha.  Alrighty, live in faith. Xoxo


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