Up for a coin toss

November, came and went in a blink of an eye. Was it cold in November? Here in Texas no i do not think so. Though I had the “LUXURY” of staying home alot and still trying to to feel at my very best. Being sick lasted me 4 month and 2 weeks. It was like being hung over without all the stupid decisions and trying to recall what I had done the night before so it was great. We live an hour away which feel like light years from the rest of the family and try to visit at least my mom not only when we have appointments the following day. Yes, we drive all the way to Pflugerville for our Round Rock appointments. I like it because we get to see the family. I especially like when we get to see Ryan’s side because because for one I just adore them and I feel so happy when he gets to see his brother’s and his dad. I do not like when I do not get to hang out with my mom and grandma because we have to just do what we gotta do and my mama has to work so if my stomach doesn’t wake me up when she gets up I am disappointed we did not get to talk that morning because more than likely it will be a another week until I can again. I know it isn’t a very long time but I really love my family and being able to spend time with them.means the world to me. I love my brother and all is awkwardness he has come out of his shell. He was very shy and well now sometimes he just won’t shut it even if it  is time to eat he is typically the last to finish. He went with Ryan and I to spend our baby bucks at the boutique in the Pflugerville Pregnancy Resource Center.  We have not been  able to continue going there to take the baby classes and carry on saving what we earn because of the distance. So we spent what we had $102, it was fun we picked out a few things we could get we would not know until a week from then if we would be having a boy or girl so we did not get clothes except for the three pairs of socks my favorite pair was the light blue one with the elephants. I picked out a diaper bag it was girly but since i am the one that will be carrying it I have no problem with that. It was red and have blue flowers on it. We got a green little hmm like bounce chair and and i think a play pin so when ever we go visit family. I think that was it. We were very happy. The woman  who was helping us said I was hardly showing most people said that I didn’t look pregnant. Some people said there was no way I was pregnant and asked if I was sure. Haha how could I not be sure!? Which brings to our lovely Thanksgiving where some people just seems to know more about my belly bod than me oh as if I wasn’t seeing myself on a daily to notice my belly changes. The fun part was hearing people say they thought I was having a girl and the way my body was meant that I will be having a girl. I had a feeling, like I just knew I was having a boy and nothing anybody said was going to make me doubt myself. I kinda think this made others  want tell me the opposite out of spite or something. Only one person actually asked if they could touch my belly which I really appreciated but it was awkward I was not ready for that beside my baby was so low I kinda think it would weird a bit. We made a lot of stops as most people probably do on Thanksgiving and all said I was having a girl go figure. Only one week away from knowing for sure.

Live in faith, Xoxo


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