Mama’s Intuition 

​We anxiously waited for the day when we would have our sonogram so we can put an end to the everybody’s guesses. They swore they were right by using the internet to calculate I was having a girl and just by looking at the way my body was forming. I honestly don’t see how anybody can tell by the shape of my body especially if I am under a puffy dress. Which is typically not my style but I just couldn’t let that new silver dress wait until 2017 to be worn. Hurray for Thanksgiving. Anyway so there we were at building 511 in Round Rock, Tx off the 620 Hwy ready with a tummy full of taco bell and even one left over for my brother. We met up with our mom’s in the front of the building where my mom and his met for the first time. Can you believe over a year together and they still had not met!? How long did it take for your parents to meet each other? We went inside and took a seat and when it was time to go the 5 of us trailed off thru the top floor to the other side of the building. The woman had trouble with my baby showing her the goods and I don’t mean the down there I mean everything she wanted to measure the baby just wasn’t having it. She poked my belly and poked and poked asked me to turn over to my left and back to the center then it was back to the center to start over again with the poking and turning. I wanted to sing to my baby but Ryan says my voice is sweet and so I thought it might just make the little one fall in a deeper sleep. Then they put him on the spot. Which is never good to do. He won’t do most anything being put on the spot. When the time came for the moment we had been waiting for I was thrown off course and was absolutely speechless. Ryan was the first to speak on the wonderful news of us being completely right about having a boy! Yay! Told yall! I knew it i knew it! Nehneh :p  After that Nani left to pick up Ryan’s little brother Sonny from school and head back home. Then the woman had to measure my uterus so my mom and brother left the room as well as I went to the restroom to empty my bladder, return then undress from the waist down. It took the longest time for her to measure it because it was pulsing or well it wasn’t staying still. While she was waiting for it to settle down occasionally we could see baby boy moving now that she was all done taking measurements! Haha Yes yes we have a name for our love but I will not tell you though we did tell stupid facebook and that is more than enough people for now to know.  I do NOT want anybody taking the name before we can in May haha so sorry you will definitely have to wait. Okay? 🙂 It tuned out I was 17 weeks and 5 days so now every Saturday marks a new week which means i am due May 6th. I seriously hope not a day before that would drive me up the wall. 

 So this Saturday i will be 23 weeks .Oh! you know what ? I finally started to really show at 21 weeks right before Christmas. What a lovely Christmas surprise.  And in case you were wondering I wore a tight black and gold dress  and flaunted my baby boy proudly. The world was so happy to see my baby bump. I love the fascination on people’s faces it makes me happy to see their big smiling faces. I know my baby will very much be adored as I have been throughout my life. 😉 

I am happy to say that I am able to workout again though i am very beginner but that doesn’t stop me from pushing myself. I would workout often before my pregnancy and at 5 months past it feels wonderful to get my strength and energy back. I did in fact get a new hulahoop for Christmas amongst many other gifts I loved. So I have been very happy because I of course am not able to use my 2lb hula hoop. My favorite part of Christmas like any other day or holiday is being with the family. Love Unity and great food! Ugh! I stood in flats for about 4 hours helping make tamales and cookies. I love love baking! I haven’t in forever not sure why it could really be a number of things but in the end you know it is only myself stopping me. 
We were running around for eternity i could not wait to get to Ryan’s gramma so i could re-lax-ah. Walking around in my Tim’s was maybe not  a wise choice but theybwere a hella better than those flats on Christmas Eve.  We would have to head back into Pflugerville for my mom’s birthday which I wanted to go all out but all I got here was a super cool balloon with a smiley inside and a Tres Leches cake, Tiger Lilies and Ferrero Rocher chocolate. 

Ryan and I have not seen my mama so genuinely happy. I can say how old she is because I honestly do not know she looks my age, 24 and I stopped counting her age after 33 and always would say she is turning 30. I love my mom so much I wish I could give her the world the way she has given it to me. She is my mama, my dad, my best friend. Sometimes it is like we are sisters at least I think so. She has 2 and I have none, so maybe I am wrong? but I love her with all my heart. I adore her.  

Live in Faith. 


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