Great end to a new Beginning

The last day of December is one I will always remember
As I spent the day with the family and helped my mom cook food I shouldn’t eat with little baby boy inside me
It’s okay I had baked fish which was just as tasty
We popped poppers inside and outside of the house
We told mom’s boyfriend that it would sparkle if he lit it up but we just laughed because we forgot it was only a popped party pack
We had fun in the dark night and of course in Texas it wasn’t even chilly outside
We went inside to play darts and jenga
My tío played jenga
he’s pretty good though he wasn’t sobe-ba
His girlfriend left and shortly after, my boyfriend had an announcement and my Tío thought it was time for shots
Cue the laughter
Mom told him to shush
I could tell Ryan was nervous but never did I see him blush
He said on one knee he wanted to spend his life with me and asked if I would marry him I said I would with a big grin
There after we held each other and I teared up a little
Left or right?
Unsure where to the ring
I’d never been truly proposed too and I am the first (and last) he had proposed to
We figured it out haha 🙂
After that we walked through Chisholm Point and watched the fireworks by midnight the neighborhood looked like a war zone
Fireworks from where we stood
we had a perfect view by the community pool when they all set off
With a kiss we entered our life a new and to the past said adieu


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