So many great things such little time 

Happy New Year! Tomorrow I will have reached my 6th month mark in my pregnancy AND it will be our 2 year anniversary! Yay! How exciting can you believe it?! A baby boy on the way and ENGAGED! Searching for a house we can call our home our own home! 😀 I can’t wait I do not know how this and being able to drive legally and getting a family vehicle will happen in such a short time but I have faith. Faith in the King and my man. Faith in love and care. You know what? Last year seems to have made its way into this year a little bit. Don’t you think? I don’t believe I am the only only who feels that way. I mean I feel like I am still trying to catch up with myself. With my simple life it IS only the simplest things. Of course, what else would it be? I stay home and the hardest part is… yup waking up. Not just waking up but waking up at the same time every morning I need a little schedule for what I do and what I wanna do. I can’t seem to go to bed at decent time. I do however have a list for after I wake up which is pretty much just the basic get ready for the day and make the bed sorta thing. After that if the room isn’t a wreck and the clothes don’t need to be washed. I can go straight to stretching then working out. Recently Nani bought me a 2 disc DVD pregnancy fitness set along with the baby clothes I am so grateful. I am excited to start using the dvds especially because I fell off a bit at the start of the four days we were at my mom’s. I was chillin’ chillin’ (sing that part). Haha I have have been making Valentine bracelets and recently started looking into making candy and have been doing all kinds of research for that. I still love baking but I wanna do something different something I am an alien to. Like when I was learning Chinese at the end of last here with the hellochinese app I stopped though because first I want to speak Spanish fluently because well I have rejected that part of my life, speaking a beautiful language. Now I have a baby on the way and I do not want him to be like me not knowing Spanish. You see my parents are from Texas but my dad wasn’t around to really teach my brother and I Spanish and my mom didn’t teach us either. So we understand it sometimes as long as the person doesn’t speak ridiculously fast. It is different here because South is more Tex-Mex. So this is why I am using the Duolingo app touch up My Spanish and practice speaking out loud because you know sometimes I know exactly what somebody is saying and what to say but get all shy and sh*t or more so become doubtful in my capabilities. Aside from all these great things I am doing we have had to attend pregnancy classes one through BCBS which was on the 7th from 10-4p then the following Tuesday we start a 12 week class from 6-8:30p through Agape in Round Rock if you are pregnant and need extra help this is a good place to go. This is a great class because we can meet new people, eat a new meal at each gathering and while we are learning we earn baby bucks for attending and doing small easy homework assignments which we can spend at Agape at buy items for our babies. Now I starting to get home visit from Jean from anybabycan. She is sweet and I like that she is attentive with my concerns. We have a Doctor’s appointment in the 26th to see if I have diabetes which is another reason for me to watch my sugar intake I was honestly doing very good but another Capricorn was born this past weekend. My mom’s oldest brother and we had a little get together which is when I had a few cookies and a few cups of ice cream needless to say my belly was happy. So as you may have read so far I am blessed with a family with love and care in their hearts. Yet, I still wish we lived closer to the places that help pregnant woman so I can EARN baby bucks. My little way to earn on my own. I was able to earn some money cleaning when Nani and the family went out of town for Christmas vacation. Which was super. Well the last and longest appointment is on the 28th it will be an 8 hour class where we will will get a certificate of completion and a discount on our marriage license. Woo! 

Live in Faith.


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