Say No To Palm Oil | What Can I Do? (Please read!)

It has come to my attention while being curious about the ingredients in the cookie dough I bought at a store here near me, that Palm Oil is not  good for our bodies and not good for our environment. It has lead to an increasingly high number of deforestation, a huge amount of animal extinction, left the people who live there with no where to go and has resulted in child labor. I am a very caring person and reading information on this subject makes me want to take action. I know I am not the only person on this planet who cares about this issue or wants to help make a change. It has only recently been brought to my attention but even after the decades that have passed it is better late than never. I encourage you to read the article as a way to inform yourself on what you can do help. There is also more information about Palm Oil too. I encourage you to share this information however and whenever you can. I encourage you to make a difference. We can do it together. Thank you. Xoxo 


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